Pokémon In Unreal 4 Looks Fantastic

If only actual Pokémon games looked this good. Hell, if only actual Pokémon games were open world!


The GIF above comes from CryZENx, who has put some Pokémon models inside the lush A Boy and His Kite Unreal 4 demo. The results are spectacular, it not a little heartbreaking—how long will it take for the actual games to look or play like this?

I particularly love how tiny Charmander’s fire attacks are. He’s so damn cute.

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It might only be possible if they limited the number of Pokemon that are in the game, but no one would actually want that. It would take an enormous amount of work to animate all 700+ Pokemon to be playable and balanced. They would have to significantly lower the amount of playable Pokemon in the game, or simplify the mechanics so it’s not that in depth, thus increasing the amount of playable Pokemon.

One can dream though.