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Honest Trailers Nails Everything About Hearthstone And Its Community

Illustration for article titled Honest Trailers Nails Everything About iHearthstone /iAnd Its Community

They certainly did their research on Hearthstone streamers.

Here's Smosh's honest trailer, full of truth about deck building, luck and Magic: The Gathering. Deep down we probably all knew these, but they won't stop us playing the game.


Copying powerful decks is mentioned in the clip, but we really shouldn't feel guilty about that. Just change one or two cards and it's all good.

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"Idiots version of magic the gathering"

While a bit harsh (and obviously said tongue-in-cheek in this video), this is exactly the reason I can't play hearthstone. While I can appreciate how polished, accessible, and well-designed it is, every time I try and play it I just find myself craving the depth that Magic has that is not present in Hearthstone. Had I never played magic, I probably would be obsessed with this game though.