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New Bayonetta Browser Game Is Balls-Hard

Illustration for article titled New iBayonetta/i Browser Game Is Balls-Hard

It's pretty well-documented that at least one lead developer at Platinum is deeply in love with old-school games. So it's not all that surprising that they made an retro-styled shooter starring the studio's biggest action star. Also not surprising: it's really freakin' tough.

Announced today via a tweet from Platinum's JP Kellams, the bite-sized Bayonetta release is called Angel Land and can be found on the 404 page of the studio's official website. It's a simply-presented 2D jump-and-shoot affair without any sidescrolling movement but browser Bayo definitely isn't as easy as it looks. You can get there but entering any sort of non-resolving tag for the Platinum Games site—like ""—which makes it perfect for trolling with fake URLs. "", anyone?


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I got 3600 points.. this is way too difficult.

Never before have I hated the flying halo enemies so much, they were always just a bit of a laugh in the first game, never an actual threat.