Jelly Babies And 14 Other British Snacks You Should Try

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While Snacktaku tends to focus largely on foods available in the U.S. or Japan, we must never forget that the world is filled with wonderful things to put in our mouths. Things like Jelly Babies, Aero bars and the rest of the British candy showcased in the latest vid from Anglophenia.


British actress and writer Siophan Thompson takes us on a tasty tour of the British Isles, beginning with a soft and delightful fruit candy any self-respecting Doctor Who fan should already be intimately familiar with. That said, it took me some 20 years to finally get my teeth on Jelly Babies, the Fourth Doctor's chewy thing of choice. I loved them so much I ordered a very large amount from Amazon and made myself sick of them. That's how love works.

Had I seen this video ten years ago it would have made me infinitely sad, but these days most of the treats Siobhan describes are either available for purchase online or in the wondrous candy section of your local Cost Plus World Market. Try and pace yourselves.

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I know it's not "candy" but we do have some of the best chocolate.

I've had american chocolate before and it's chewy and has grit to it.