Destiny's Most Hated Gun, Used To Solo Crota's End

Destiny players are not fond of a gun called "No Land Beyond." It's easy to see why: not only does the gun do laughable damage, it also has a hilariously bad fire rate. It's so notorious, players are advising each other not to buy the gun. And yet, one crazy player decided to brave Destiny's toughest challenge with what some consider to be Destiny's worst gun.


Here's the gun, in case you're curious as to what No Land Beyond is:

Illustration for article titled iDestinys/i Most Hated Gun, Used To Solo Crotas End

Looks cool, right? And what a badass name! But no, don't be fooled. It's terrible. Here's a funny breakdown of why the gun is so bad, by Mr. Fruit Gaming Channel:

Finally, and most importantly, here's the run, segmented into five parts. Silverhawkz0 goes through the entirety of Destiny's latest raid with No Land Beyond, and actually manages to get to the end. Granted, it's not a flawless run. Silverhawkz0 does die a few times, and the player also occasionally uses a different sniper rifle, as well as a rocket launcher in conjunction with No Land Beyond. Still, what the player accomplishes here is quite a feat.

Just be warned: even watching No Land Beyond being used is a bit grating! And if you're short on time, just skip to the last video, with Crota.






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Wish someone would have clued me in on how bad it was before I bought it yesterday. :-/