I Could Watch These Amazing Halo 3 Jumps All Day

Most people have a tendency to try and break games in small ways when they play them, trying to get into places they aren't supposed to. Jump Theory takes that common activity and elevates it to an art form.

This is the fourth (and probably last) installment of Look Before You Leap, JumpTheory's series that began six years ago. In that time, they've managed to continue finding ways to get on every surface imaginable.


As if that wasn't enough, the video above is well-shot, showing off what can really be done when you give players something like theater mode to play around with. And in case you can't watch the video, check out the moments where they jump off falling icicles, or blow traffic cones into the air to create steps. Steps that are only in the right place for a fraction of a second.


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No lie, that jump in the bottom gif very Mega Man-esque. That must have taken an incredibly long time to realize that if you throw those specific grenades in those spots that they will launch the cones in your desired position.