Two Video Villains Team Up Against The Amazing Spider-Man 2

In the spirit of the Sinister Six or possibly that Marvel event where all the villains swapped heroes, Screen Junkies and Cinema Sins have teamed up to deliver a one-two Everything Wrong With/Honest Trailer punch to The Amazing Spider-Man 2, with a twist!


This time around Screen Junkies handles the Everything Wrong With video, while the Cinema Sins guy tackles the movie's Honest Trailer, which must have been a lovely change from editing a massive 13+ minute video. It's a fun swappy thing, and they couldn't have picked an easier target.


Mortal Dictata

For me the funniest thing about Cinema Sins are the youtube comments from those who don't seem to get the joke (that being that he nitpicks unnecessarily most of the time) and get really offended by his comments.