According to DC Comics, it's Batman Day today. So let's talk about your favorite stories featuring the Dark Knight.

For me, like loads of other fans, it's really hard to pin it down from just one Batman story. I'm already on the record as a big fan of Venom, the 1991 story from the Legends of the Dark Knight anthology series. Also, this scene from Batman: Year One is a great example of just how much the Dark Knight's appearance upends the corrupt nature of Gotham City so that's up there in my personal favorites list.

But the Robin's Reckoning episode from the mid-1990s Batman: The Animated Series also make my best Batman list, too. It's a good illustration of how adding Robin to the mythos makes Batman better, by giving him someone to help and a way to connect back with emotional ties that were deadened after his own parents died.


Batman's celebrating his 75th anniversary this year. That's a lot of stories. Surely you have some that you think other people should know about. The Dark Knight Returns? The Laughing Fish? Return of the Joker? Damien Wayne's first appearance? A random issue from the old Brave and Bold comics? What are your favorite stories featuring the Dark Knight?