Watch Dota 2's Biggest Tournament of the Year, Right Here

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The main event for The International starts today, with ViCi Gaming facing NewBee in the first upper bracket match, followed by Evil Geniuses versus Team DK. You can watch it all go down here.


The International, as you might recall, is a tournament with humongous prize pool. $10,850,749, to be exact. It's kind of incredible, especially when you consider most of this prize pool was raised by players purchasing a compendium full of digital goodies in Dota 2.

Eight teams will duke it out in Seattle's Key Arena over the weekend during The International, with the grand final taking place on Monday. You can look at the schedule here.

Here's the normal, standard stream:

And if you're a new or unfamiliar with the game, you might be interested in the newbie stream instead:




I'm still trying to figure out why people like these dota style games so much.

I've tried so hard but I can't get into it, and 90% of the people I know that play games like League of Legends.

I wonder how in this day and age a multiplayer game that's difficult and takes effort to get good at got so popular. Often when I bring up I'd like a new Arena Shooter, people say people these days won't play it because it's too hard. Well, Dota and LoL prove that argument wrong.