Some Folks Think A Doctor Who Character Looks Very Mass Effect

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On the left, here's a character from the new series of Doctor Who. Does he look at all familiar? Maybe he's, ahem, calibrating your memory?


British fans and media, including Eurogamer, have been quick to point out the similarities between the character and Mass Effect's Garrus, especially since some of the show's creators are on record as being big Mass Effect fans. Which would make this more of a homage than an act of creative banditry.

I see it. Especially in the head design and the blue. But then, this Doctor Who thing is clearly a robot, or at least some kind of android thing, which together with the colour scheme looks as much as a nod towards Saren than Garrus.


New Doctor Who character sure looks like Garrus from Mass Effect [Eurogamer]

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Shardik The Man Bear

I could see it as a homage, but it would be easier to tell if it wasn't shrouded in shadows.