Mod Makes Mass Effect's Climactic Space Battle Playable In Homeworld

As a fan of space combat sims, my gut twisted as I watched the massive battle between the Reapers and everyone else play out via cut scene in Mass Effect 3. I wanted to control it. Phoenix Interactive's Mass Effect Reborn mod for Homeworld 2 gives me that chance.


Mass Effect Reborn, released in early beta earlier this month with a planned full release in late April or early May, gives Homeworld 2 players control over the forces of Earth and friends, as the ancient Reapers arrive to kill everything kill-able in the universe.

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I love it. I wish game developers would do this sort of thing — realize that their adventure game couldn't handle say, a fistfight, and tag in a fighting game developer to make it happen. Mass Effect's engine not built for a universe-rattling starship skirmish? Don't worry, BioWare, Phoenix Interactive's got this.

Mass Effect Reborn (ModDB via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

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Good thing they didn't force some crappily made strategy mode on us to be fair. Those never work properly, it was good that Mass Effect stuck to the viewpoint of Shepard.

But this is completely fine as it's mod of it's own.