​Sony Wants You To Know That They Have A Next-Gen Shooter, Too

There's going to be a metric ton of Titanfall chatter this week: how awesome it is/isn't, whether the online functionality is a triumph/failure, and tips for playing it. That's all well and good for Xbox One and PC players. But what about PS4 owners? Well, Sony would like to remind its faithful that a high-profile, constantly-connected FPS will be hitting their new console, too. Y'know, in September.


It looks like a new TV PlayStation ad focused on Bungie's big-deal shooter started airing last night. With Titanfall releasing tomorrow, the timing of this new spot probably isn't a coincidence. And, while Killzone: Shadowfall debuted alongside the PS4, it's not quite the same kind of expansive experience that Titanfall and Destiny are promising. Of course, Destiny's coming out for the Xbox One, too. (The last news on a PC release wasn't promising.) But you sure aren't going to see that little nugget of info in this advert.

[iSpot.tv via NeoGAF]

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What is sad is that people will get in a tizzy about whatever new Halo game comes out just because it is Halo, but when the guys who INVENTED Halo come out with a new game it suddenly doesn't matter because it is not Halo and not exclusive to some console or another.

If Halo was your jam, Destiny should have you more excited than any other game. And being that it will be on all consoles, it has the best chance of becoming a COD-like phenomenon (unlike Titanfall 1, which has limited itself to Microsoft-based gaming systems).