I don't remember any other Nintendo games starting with the above message, but, hey, sure, Nintendo. Why not? I've rated a level or two in Assassin's Creed. I've agreed to let my crash bugs be sent back to Microsoft. I just never thought that you, Nintendo, would need to see my gameplay data to make better games. World changed!

That screen appears when you first boot up Yoshi's New Island, the mid-March release for the 3DS. (I got an early copy.)


If players agree to share their data, the 3DS will upload it over the Internet from time to time... I guess. It's not obvious when this happens or even if it happens while you're playing. Maybe it happens when you least expect it.

After that screen goes away, the game begins to look a little more like a Yoshi's Island!

Hooray! It's the happiest gaming series around (sorry, Kirby).


Yoshi's back. All of the different-colored Yoshis are. They're collecting coins and flowers and carrying baby Mario everywhere from left to right again and again. These Yoshis are even posing so I can take photos of them with my iPhone.


I'm only in world two of the game, so far. Two art styles so far. I like them.


This level here? I perfected it. See those coins in the shot above? I already grabbed them during an earlier playthrough. You can't know that, but I bet Nintendo does...I hope it helps them develop their future games. Use that intel to make a new Metroid side-scroller, maybe?

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