In the biggest Kotaku Deals roundup so far this year, we've got pre-order discounts on all the biggest games of 2014, deals on PS+ and LIVE subscriptions, Xbox One bundles and the Playstation 4 in stock, a new Humble Weekly, the new Playstation Vita up for pre-order, your PSN/LIVE/eShop updates, and more.

Titanfall is imminent, its beta sign-up is live, and pre-order discounts abound. Lock up your copy so you can jump in on day one and save money at the same time.


  • Titanfall | $48 on GreenManGaming | 3MCRLE-CG7AF1-G7T08U
  • Titanfall | $48 on Gamefly | GFDFEB20

Xbox One

Xbox 360

Use code 3MCRLE-CG7AF1-G7T08U to get the following deals and more at GreenManGaming:


If you need to re-up your various gaming subscriptions, Microsoft will sell you a year of Xbox Live Gold for $40, or you can get a $10 PlayStation promo code with your $50 purchase of PlayStation Plus from Best Buy.

Xbox Live Gold (12 Months) | $40

PlayStation Plus (12 Months) | $50 + $10 Promo Code

Walmart not only has Xbox Ones in stock; they'll throw in a free game. Choose from Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4, Madden 25, or NBA 2K14.

Xbox One Plus Free Game | $500

The new Playstation Vita is lighter, slimmer, and has a better battery, and this bundle includes the excellent Borderlands 2, complete with cross-save functionality with the PS3 version. $200 gets you the console, the game, and an 8GB memory card, and you can pre-order now with price-match guarantee. No charge until it ships. [Amazon]

Xbox One Wireless Controller | $50

If you're currently enrolled in school (or simply remember the password for your old .edu email), Best Buy will give you $150 off any MacBook or iMac today. A lot of Best Buy's Mac offerings even carry small discounts to begin with, bringing the get-in price for an 11" MacBook Air all the way down to $830. That's about as good a deal as you'll ever see on new Apple computers. [Best Buy]

Shane is one of the best Westerns ever, and yes, I am in fact named after it. Grab it on blu-ray for $9 today. Shameless promotion.

If you're on the east coast, you probably wish this deal had started a few days ago, but regardless, Amazon is offering big discounts today on coats and jackets.




Xbox One



  • Fable II stuff is discounted on the Xbox LIVE marketplace








Home Theater


Gaming Peripherals

PC Parts



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