The History of Video Game Graphics, in Cubes

You might think "Minecraft" the very instant you read the word "cubes" in the context of gaming, but trust me: this video is far from being just about Minecraft.


In fact, The Hamster Alliance's sort-of-art video gives a very unique look at the way video game graphics evolved over history, all the while referencing a metric ton of games like Mario, Minecraft, and Quake. Can you name them all? I couldn't.

Take a look at the video below. Note that it has plenty of flashing lights, so if you're sensitive to that kind of thing, beware.

Cube: A Video About Video Game Graphics [The Hamster Alliance@YouTube]

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The Hamster Alliance

Thanks for the feature, Kotaku!

For those interested in knowing why I chose these particular games to represent in the video: Some of the games were chosen for their technological differences (advancements?), such as Battlezone with it's green lines representing vector graphics and Silent Hill with it's not-entirely-stable polygons and muddy textures representing graphics on the PSX. Other games were chosen simply because they had a unique look, such as The Unfinished Swan and Super Hexagon.

Also they are indeed not in chronological order. I ran into a lot of obstacles when attempting to arrange everything in chronological order. I also really wanted Braid at the end so there would be a good excuse to do the rewind. Others are out of order simply because I forgot about their existence until I got way beyond where they would have occured chronologically. "Oh, wait, where's my CGA graphics cube? Dammit!" :P

There are so many games that could have been included - My project notes list 27 games that didn't make the cut - but if I had spent any more time on this video I would have gone mad. Perhaps I'll get around to those sometime in the future.