Watching people eat normally might make you hungry. But watching them "reverse eat?" That might make you lose your appetite.

You might say, oh, reverse eating, that's just a fancy way to say, "barfing." Then, I would say, "Sorry, friend. You are incorrect."


Reverse eating is simply regular eating but played in reverse. So, there's no stomach acid or unsightly bits and all that comes out is completely edible food. And yet, it is disgusting. Earlier today, on 2ch, Japan's largest bulletin board, a good example of reverse eating appeared. You can see it in the above GIF.

The sequence is from a "Cook Do" food ad from Japanese company Ajinomoto. The actors are supposed to make eating look delicious. So, they stuff their faces like this.

We can all agree that this might look gross as well, but the sequence looks even worse in reverse.

Here are more examples:

GIF sources: ajinomoto, aceyone80, ajinomoto, ajinomoto, pandadaisme, 電影廣告女優, Matt Stonie


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