Is Mass Effect's Commander Shepard in an Old Spice Ad?

It sure looks like him! But, what's with the nunchaku? And is he riding a raptor? With a rastacap?

The spot appeared on an Old Spice viral site called and was noticed by Tumblr site Pirate Reject.

The armor does resemble Commander Shepard's N7 Armor from Mass Effect 2. There are some differences, though. Try to spot them:

Illustration for article titled Is emMass Effect/ems Commander Shepard in an Old Spice Ad?

Not sure if EA, the game's publisher or BioWare, the game's developer, signed off on the Old Spice spot, which you can watch below.

Kotaku is following up with EA and will update this article should the company comment. In the meantime, enjoy this:

Flavor Patch - Old Spice [ReaLiquicity@YouTube]

Commander Shepard from Mass Effect wielding nun-chucks [Pirate Reject]

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...what's a soul patch? Is it going to undo my hard work in Dark Souls?