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With the right mods, you can turn Skyrim into almost anything. Even, it seems, a Legend of Zelda game.

We've posted before about ways to recreate Nintendo's famous green-clad adventurer in the latest Elder Scrolls game but intrepid Redditor Promarksman117 managed to place an impressive version of Link on his PC. Promarksman117 says that there are 200 mods at work in the screenshot above. There better be one to give Link a boomerang.


[Via Reddit]

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I've been watching a lot of Transformers before bed lately now that Gen 1 is on Netflix. I didn't realize that Optimus Prime was such an awful leader. His plans are literally always clear failures and his robot buddies are so eager to "roll out" into what would normally be a suicide mission. I say normally because Megatron is possibly worse. Perhaps not Megatron but definitely the Decepticons in general... I mean Starscream basically says he's going to kill Megatron every episode and yet he's there until the Transformers movie. Unbelievable.

Now that my tangent is over - I would LOVE to see a Transformers Skyrim mod set on Cybertron. Open world Cybertron built around a Skyrim framework. I will be so impressed.