Mew-Genics Demonstrates How New Kittens Are Made, More Or Less

The first footage (of sorts) from Team Meat's upcoming cat breeding sim explores the miracle of kitten birth with 100 percent scientific accuracy, give or take a couple dozen percent.

See, when two cats love one another or just feel like having sex, they have sex. Then the mother cat swells up, and new kittens comprised of features from both parents come out of her butt, all while the father makes awkward humping motions in the background.

This, as I understand it, is exactly how cats reproduce, and not a load of smut and lies at all.


I'd say this first footage has sold me on the game, but I was sold ages ago, long before the first trailer, certainly. I think it was when they said they were making a game about cats. Yes, that was it.

Hit up the link below, where Edmund explains it all.

The Miracle of Childbirth [Mew-Genics]

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Team Meat can do no wrong for me. This just looks absolutely ridiculous and I can't wait to get my hands on it.