For a while now, gamer Wakou has been playing video games with his feet. Today, let's watch him play through The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

This is a small sample of a twenty-five minute foot playthrough on NicoNico. There are actually, twenty parts of the playthough, with each clip running about thirty minutes. He actually finished the entire game. With his feet.

Here, you can actually see him finish the game (SPOILERS).

In the past few years, there have been clips of other gamers playing through games with their feet. Super Mario Bros appears to be the most popular. But this is the first Zelda foot play through I remember seeing.


Below, you can watch part one of playing through Mario Kart. Yes, he's going to play through the whole game. With his feet.

Of course, there are gamers who don't have a choice not to use their hands when playing and become skilled at using other parts of their bodies to play the games they enjoy so much.


マリカーWii?んなもん足で1位とれるわ [倭寇(わこう)のバカやるトコ@YouTube]

Video Lede Image: milias1987/Shutterstock

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