​Video Game Cocktail Party Becomes Glitch Nightmare

I think we've all been there: You're hanging out at a cocktail party when a man standing next to you is shot by a sniper. Then, everyone starts levitating and twisting inside out, floating in circles and regurgitating their own limbs like hellish ouroboros.

…oh, just me? Well. Maybe I should stop playing Spy Party and start going to the parties you go to instead, Mr. Fancy Pants.

[via Destructoid]

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If this were done on purpose:

A surreal metaphor on the ways that sudden tragedy affect us, "Spinning Devil Head" involves an average upper class cocktail party suddenly thrown into disarray when one of the guests is assassinated. While the remaining partygoers at first act in typical shock and dismay, their actions grow increasingly fractured, bizarre and unstable to show how society can't handle such dramatic shocks to its system without equally dramatic shocks to the individuals within it. Seen here in a brief and literal form of insanity are the internal agonizations and difficulty assimilating this breach of social protocol that will lead some to leave spouse, others to disappear and some to remain but become twisted with alcohol and other demons. "Spinning Devil Head" will be on exhibit at the MOMA through February.