Kid Stays Up Late Gaming, Saves Family From Burning House

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If you're still young enough to have someone telling you when to go to bed, remember this story the next time your mother tries to tell you enough's enough for one day.

12-year-old Jaxxyn Wood, from Kentucky, was up at 3:30am playing video games when he "smelled something really bad, like Legos on fire". What he smelled was actually the family's ice-maker on fire, with smoke starting to fill the hallway of his house.

After a quick attempt at putting the fire out himself, Jaxxyn raised the alarm, waking his family so they could evacuate the home. The fire eventually spread from the kitchen to the "dining areas", and there was extensive smoke damage to the rest of the property.


Jaxxyn's actions may have saved their lives, and definitely saved the house, as there were no smoke detectors installed in the home.

Before you go giving video games and poor sleeping habits too much credit, Jaxxyn knew exactly what to do because firefighters had visited his school and told him.

"A fireman came to our school and he said if there's ever a fire there's most likely gonna be smoke in the air," he said. "So you want to duck down and get everyone you can and get out."

12-year-old boy saves family from burning home [WKYT, via Game Politics]

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Fox News: "12-year-old juvenile accidentally wakes family while attempting to set fire to the house after playing video game."