Holy cow...

Models are awesome. The more detailed the better. Still, there is a limit to how detailed you can make things depending on the scale. When it comes to battleships, usually the largest scale models you'll find on sale are 1/350 scale. If you want bigger, well you're kind of out of luck – Unless you build one from scratch.


Japanese blogger, nichirou visited the Sagamihara branch of the Japanese hobby shop Tam Tam. There on display are not one, not two, but four 1/100 scale WWII warship models. Built by the store chain founder, these models were built from scratch to unbelievable detail. nichirou photographed the ships and posted pictures on his blog, Wota ni Tsukeru Kusuri Nashi (ヲタにつける薬なし "There's No Cure for an Otaku")

The models on display are the aircraft carrier, Akagi, the battleships Fuso and Ise, and the heavy cruiser, Takao. Before someone inevitably asks: Apparently, a 1/100 scale model of the battleship Yamato and one more ship used to be on display, but were shipped to a branch in Kyushu when it newly opened.


nichirou spent over an hour taking photos and gawking at the models (who can blame him?). Check out the full photo gallery posted on nichirou's blog in two separate posts. In the meantime... Holy cow...

赤城、扶桑、伊勢、高雄の1/100モデルに圧巻される、その威容。TamTam相模原店に艦船模型を見に行ってきた。(赤城、扶桑編) [ヲタにつける薬なし]

赤城、扶桑、伊勢、高雄の1/100モデルに圧巻される、その威容。TamTam相模原店に艦船模型を見に行ってきた。(伊勢、高雄編) + 1/1三笠、つまり本物。 [ヲタにつける薬なし]

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