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Here's a fresh new teaser for the live-action Patlabor movie, in which we get to meet some of the cast, including the AV-98 Ingram. Looking good so far!




Word on the street is that the Live-Action Patlabor is going to be made into both a TV series AND a movie. The TV Series will be more light hearted and funny while the movie will be more serious like previous Patlabor films. How much of all that will be helmed by Mamoru Oshii, I'm not sure, but he's definitely involved in a BIG way.

Most important to note, however, is that the Live-Action Patlabor takes place in 2013. As in 2013 within the Patlabor universe, which means that a good decade has passed since the last time we saw Special Vehicles Division Section 2. However, even so, guess who's in charge of maintenance of the Patlabors:

Yup! Shige's in charge now!

How do I know? Easy! If you pay close attention to the photo of the cast within the trailer, you'll notice Shigeru Chiba standing there dressed in white. Shigeru Chiba is Shige's voice actor (for everything Patlabor ever since Patlabor was a thing!)

I expect seeing a spaztic Shige on set will be great!