Typing of the Dead: Overkill is amazing already. It's a game where you kill zombies by typing words like "Brains". Apparently that wasn't enough, so with Filth of the Dead, they've added in what appears to be all of Urban Dictionary.

Between the weird things that normally come up ("wafer thin mint", "electric boogaloo") and the added dirty words, I basically had no idea what I was typing for 15 minutes. You can check out the video to get a feel for the game, and I transcribed some of the terms for your enjoyment below.

I set the game to only mix in 80% of words from the Filth dictionary. You'd think the "normal" words would stick out, but if anyone can figure out which of these are the 20%, you've probably read more Urban Dictionary than I have:


Flaming pants accident
One eyed willy
Bad taste
Pubic mice
Draining the lizard
Muffin butterer
The palm of pleasure
Cum rocket
Rectal poetry
Bump this thread
Hot tits
Quick cunnilingus question
Noisy gun porn
Sperm donor
Pry, Halina
Filthy dogging party
Pocket rocket
Penile tattoo
Piss take
Hassle my tassles
Secret jerk mag
Towering erection
Fleshy Gorgon
Fuck you
Freak fucker
About that fucking night
Sludge pump
Purestrain turd warrior
Gi'e the scunner laldy
Double socker
Erogenous zones

You can pick up Typing Of The Dead: Overkill on Steam.

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