As wonderful as it is, as timeless as it threatens to be, The Neverending Story is still very much a product of the 1980s. So let's take a moment to imagine what it might have looked like if it had been made in 2014, instead of 1984.

These aren't from an official project; just a casual reimagining from a fan. Some changes are only minimal, while others are a little more drastic. Weird seeing Falcor with working legs, for instance.


These explorations are the work of Nicolas Francoeur, who is an artist at Eidos Montreal, the studio behind games like Deus Ex and the upcoming Thief reboot.

You can see more of his work at his personal site and CGHub page.

To see the larger pics in all their glory (or, if they’re big enough, so you can save them as wallpaper), click on the “expand” button in the bottom-right corner.


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