It's been a long time since the lead deal on Kotaku was a pair of headphones, but we can't overstate our love for them, as evidenced by how many people in our office, including myself, are wearing them right now. We also can't overstate what a great deal they are for 97 bucks. [Amazon]

Target has the 3DS XL in 4 different colors for $150. You can grab the Limited Edition Mario and Luigi 3DS XL for the same price, but that one is in-store only. [Target]

Stop wasting money on soda. Make your own instead. Amazon is offering a $25 promo credit with select SodaStream makers today, making your effective get-in price as low as $55. If you've been on the fence, this is a no brainer.

Various SodaStream Soda Makers with $25 Amazon Credit

The Bodum Bistro is our favorite electric coffeemaker, both for its futuristic good looks and its unique water distribution solution. We've never seen it cheaper than $166, but Bodum is selling it directly today for just $99. If you like coffee, you'd be crazy not to get this.

Bodum Bistro Automatic Pour-Over Electric Coffeemaker | $99







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