Honestly, I don't know. I do know that 91 year-old manga creator Shigeru Mizuki has a new serialized manga starting later this month.

Mizuki is best known for creating supernatural horror manga GeGeGe no Kitaro.

Going on sale on December 25 in the January issue of Big Comic, Mizuki's latest manga is titled Watashi no Hibi (わたしの日々), or "My Days." According to Nico Nico, the manga chronicles Mizuki's life, looking at ordinarily tranquil existence, as well as his experience fighting in World War II and living in poverty.


During World War II, Mizuki came down with malaria in Papua New Guinea, had his arm blown off in an air raid, was captured, and almost married into a Tolai tribe, before returning to Japan to work in a movie theater until he made it as a manga artist.

This isn't the only manga Mizuki is working on. He's also been doing a manga for horror magazine Kwai.

Mizuki must be the oldest working comic book artist. Can't think of an older, working comic or manga creator. Can you?

漫画家・水木しげるさん、91歳で新連載『わたしの日々』開始 [ニコニコ]

Photos: 水木プロダクション, 水木プロダクション

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