Earth Defense Widow (地球防衛未亡人 or Chikyuu Bouei Miboujin) stars actress Mitsu Dan as a widowed member of an Earth defense force, out to save the world from deadly kaiju. If only they didn't turn her on. If only!

Dan, a widowed ex-geisha, is a member of a defense force known as JAP (yes, that is intentional). The catch? She gets excited while battling the kaiyu.


At the end of the trailer, the doctor says to Dan, "You are a magnificent pervert."

This is the latest film from Minoru Kawasaki, Japan's silliest movie maker. Dan, who started out in Sega's Yakuza 4, has gone on to star in S&M movies and become a mainstream pin-up in Japan, explaining why the movie's tagline is "From SM to SF" or "From S&M to Sci-Fi."

Earth Defense Widow isn't a mainstream film by any stretch, but it has been getting press coverage in Japan because it's so odd. The picture opens next February. No word about an international release.

It will be silly.

エロスの女王・壇蜜が主演!『地球防衛未亡人』予告編公開! [ニコニコ]

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