With just a piece of white paper and some scissors, you can make your very own lovely, intricate Star Wars decorative snowflakes. 'Tis the season, after all.

These templates come to us from Anthony Herrera, who has made it oh-so easy to make a kickass snowflake shaped like Boba Fett, an AT-AT, or even a Rancor. (And to the more purile-minded among you... that's supposed to be his tail.)


Boba Fett PDF

Vader PDF

Nien Nunb PDF

Emperor Palpatine PDF

TIE Interceptor PDF

Rancor PDF

Han Solo in Carbonite PDF

Herrera has also made a video demonstrating how to make the flakes, since it does require a fair bit of precision:

There are a bunch more at Herrera's site. Man, I'm totally making that sweet TIE Interceptor when I get off work today.

[via Wired]