Shuzenji Niji no Sato is a park in Shizuoka, Japan. And it's not happy with some ill-mannered cosplayers. If the situation doesn't improve, cosplay photography could be banned.

On December 1, the park posted a notice on its blog regarding "worsening manners" among cosplayers. Lots of cosplayers are good people, but it seems some rotten apples have been causing complaints at the park.


This is not a public park, and visitors must pay a 1,000 yen (around US$10) entrance fee.

According to Shuzenji Niji no Sato, there have been complaints and incidents regarding cosplayers, such as climbing trees, using the park's night time lights for their own photo shoots, blocking walkways for long periods of time during photo shoots, continuing photo shoots even after the park was closed as well as changing clothes after the park had closed, trespassing, and moving park items, such as benches and tables, around for shoots.

The park is an ideal and popular spot for cosplay photography. It has various areas with different themed gardens and buildings, such as the British Village, the Japanese Garden, the Canadian Village, and the Fairy Garden. There are also old steam and diesel trains.


The park did not say cosplayers should stop visiting altogether. Instead, it asked cosplayers to follow its rules regarding photography, so they can continue to enjoy the gardens and not disturb other patrons—which certainly seems fair. If cosplayers continue to cause problems, the park said it would have to consider banning cosplay photography.

コスプレイヤーさんのマナー悪化について [Shuzenji Niji no Sato]

Photo: Niji no Sato

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