Japan's "haikyo" (廃墟), or "ruins," are fascinating. They provide a look into a world which time forgot, but French photographer Jordy Meow hasn't.

Meow has been cataloging haikyo across Japan—from a deserted love hotel in Chiba to an abandoned theme park in Nara.

The photos, courtesy of DailyGeekShow, are hauntingly beautiful:

If you like Meow's work, The Huffington Post reports that Meow published a French language photo book called Nippon no Haikyo ("Japan's Ruins").


Kotaku has previously featured Japanese ruins—and for good reason: one haikyo even inspired a video game.

20 lieux abandonnés qui vous feront voyager dans les vestiges d'un Japon oublié [DailyGeekShow via フランス反応をまとめてみた]


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