Mind you, I haven't seen every single get-up ever worn on Korean television, but I can confidently say this one is the worst. It really is.

Either they picked the wrong background or the wrong outfit to go with said background.

The outfit appeared on a Korean shopping channel. Last week, it began to go viral on Twitter and throughout numerous forums in South Korea. Online, people did their best to show how the dress failed, and how this could have been prevented from happening.

Here's what people are seeing:


But this is the actual dress:


And how this could have been prevented:


If you are ever on TV and wearing a dress, don't let this happen to you!

쇼호스트 의상 망함 有 [SLR Club]

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쇼 호스트ㅊㅈ 를 살려봤습니다 (有)[SLR Club]

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