Kinky PC Demo Allows For Virtual Sex, Robot Handjobs

I remember reading a magazine article twenty years ago that was about virtual sex. And how gadgets and games were going to change the way we knock boots forever. Well, it didn't really happen, but hey, twenty years later and humanity is giving it another shot.


This is the VR Tenga demo, made for an Oculus Rift game jam held in Japan on the weekend. It uses some basic software, the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and some...other equipment to simulate sexual acts.

Or, if you want to get real, it lets people fuck an anime character.

The dudes "testing" the demo remain fully clothed throughout, so the clips are nowhere as bad as you're probably expecting, but the on-screen footage is still a little NSFW, so exercise caution.


Stephen Totilo

The Prima strategy guide for this one will be something special, for sure.