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Here's How To Trigger Battlefield 4's Most Devastating Destructions

Okay, yes, 'Levolution' is a really silly name for a Battlefield 4 feature...but don't underestimate how cool it is. With it, you can trigger some massive destruction on multiplayer maps—which can then change the map itself a little. Ah, but how do you do it; what levolution is available on which maps? What do they look like, even?


Good questions—and ones that LevelCapGaming answers in this nifty how-to video on levolutions. With this, you'll know what you have to damage and how in order to trigger the most awesome destruction events in Battlefield 4. Better yet, you'll know what you have to keep the enemy team from doing, should you want to keep certain elements of a map intact—since this isn't destruction for the sake of destruction. The obstacles in your way change, and of course people might be in the structure you can blow up (or they'll be hit by the collapsing structure, once the levolution triggers)—meaning there's a tactical element involved here. It's definitely the sort of thing you'll want to keep on top of. Knowledge is power and all that!

BF4 Levolution Guide: How To Trigger Destruction Events! (Battlefield 4 Launch Gameplay/Commentary) [LevelCapGaming]

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Why do I get the feeling that the first portion of every multiplayer match is going to be a race to blow everything up? You know everyone is going to want to be the person to trigger one of these things.