The Best Gaming Keyboard

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Almost 20,000 votes later, the Razer BlackWidow mechanical gaming keyboard took down the victory with 57% of the vote. The BlackWidow comes in a variety of models, all of which can be found at the same link, and starts at 70 bucks. There's even a Mac version, a welcome addition for those who prefer Apple hardware.


Razer is certainly the most renowned gaming peripheral brand, and with far more nominations in our initial round than any other keyboard, it's no surprise that they took home the victory. With so much voter support, we have no qualms about giving it our recommendation as well. [Amazon]

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Shane Roberts

For those about to go on a crusade about Razer sharing our post on their Facebook page, all brands involved were made aware of the article, and several of them, not just Razer, chose to get their fans involved. Also, this vote is open to anyone, and we consider an influx of new (and hopefully returning) readers to Kotaku and Kotaku Deals to be a win for everyone involved.

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