We already know that Pokemon X & Y's world is based on France—earlier this year, Junichi Masuda, Game Freak founder and director for the latest Pokemon, explained that the games picked up on France's love of fashion and beauty.

We'd even seen an artistic rendition of the game's map, pictured above, which seemed to feature a star-shaped region much like France itself.


Yesterday, Instagram user Kosdin posted a bevy of pictures of what appeared to be an early copy of the upcoming Pokemon. These images reveal what seems to be the in-game map and its locations:

And boutiques and shops that reinforce how the game takes cues from France's aesthetic and love of beauty and fashion:

Nintendo has caught wind of the leaker, and the images are now down—but they're still floating around the web.


It's worth noting that not only was player customization confirmed already, but so was the ability to groom the Pokemon Furfrou. We also know that there are over 700 Pokemon now.