Valve is not the type of company to go unnoticed—it shouldn't be surprising, then, that online gaming communities everywhere are buzzing about the newly-announced Steam Controller.

And with good reason, too: not only is having Steam optimized for the living room experience potentially game-changing, the controller itself is...well, it's kinda funny lookin'. Which is why some of the immediate reactions involved Photoshops of the controller—the one above with Gabe Newell's eyes is by our very own commenter, Pixel. It's a response to Chris' photoshop of the controller, which is also excellent:

Also by Chris: an interpretation of the controller as a crotch:

And yes, of course, the controller as a part of a Half-Life 3 conspiracy:

The controller as Wall-E, by Greg-The-Mad:

Many feel that the controller looks like a boom box of sorts, hence shops like this one by Slappers Only on neoGAF:

Others, instead, saw something like an owl:

Hence, I imagine, this comparison by Corronchilejano on neoGAF:

Or this GIF by Impossiburu

Then there are sillier interpretations of the controller, like this cutesy...thing by Tumo:

And some, like Farrow, seem skeptical of how this thing will work in your hands:

Some seemed rather disappointed this announcement isn't Half-Life 3—and can you blame them? This is the THIRD ANNOUNCEMENT, you guys! It practically begs for the joke...

There's even this song floating around from last year, where a super fan writes to Gabe about Half-Life 3 in the style of 'Stan,' the song by's kind of hilarious:

Twitter, naturally, had its own slew of reactions—jokes and serious alike. Have a look:

One Tweeter even sees the, uh, erotic? possibilities with the new controller.

And one YouTuber is ready to throw money at this all, but nothing is happening!

Ah, internet.