Conventional "wisdom" often tells us there are people who are in our league, and people who are outside of it—and unless you reach a certain level of attractiveness, you probably can't hope to date people outside of your range.

To be clear: I think that's all hogwash; I'm just repeating what some people believe when it comes to love. It's relevant when looking at this bodybuilding forum that cannot fathom how it's possible for a guy to have the sort of love life that his Facebook page suggests he has. Most of these judgements are based completely on the way the guy looks versus how attractive the girls he is involved with are, running with the assumption that a guy that looks this nerdy should never be able to get a girl. Here's the first and second post (both by the same person, OptimusPrim3) in the thread titled "MISC I am baffled, wot is this"—and to be clear, these are quoting Facebook posts the guy has made public:

There I was just minding my business looking at babes on FB that I have mutual friends with and this pic comes up

and I was like okay.jpg, so I keep digging

Da fuq is this.... he must be friendzoned hard as f*ck



F*ck my life.

The thread then devolves to 44 pages of bafflement, with most people trying to find an explanation as to how all these pictures as possible—guesses ranging from assuming the guy has money, is actually homosexual, lives in a small town if not is a white knight, to accusing the girls of simply being sluts or having low self-esteem. Few of the "guesses" could accept that maybe the guy has a good personality, or that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, even after the original poster came in the thread and debunked a lot of the assumptions. The reaction is absurd, hilarious, depressing and uncomfortable all at once (particularly when you consider some of these folks tried digging into the guy's life to figure out what was going on).

Here's a few of the reactions, all GIFs—I won't quote people because many of the things said in the thread are kind of offensive. Note how many of these seem angry for some reason:

Perhaps the original poster sums it up best midthread:

"Stop giving f*cks about your face and focus on making people feel good and be a genuine person. Good night y'all reps till I'm out."

(Via The Daily Dot)

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