Video Game Attributes, Ranked

Image via Diablo
Image via Diablo

Many video games, usually RPGs, contain a system by which the strengths and weaknesses of your character are defined by a set of attributes. Here is my definitive ranking of common video game attributes, ranked from worst to best.


17. Luck

16. Empathy

15. Piety

14. Alertness

13. Willpower

12. Charm

11. Magic

10. Charisma

9. Quickness

8. Stamina

7. Intellect

6. Vitality

5. Agility

4. Wisdom

3. Dexterity

2. Strength

1. Constitution

This piece originally appeared 8/26/16.

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1. I don’t remember clicking Deadspin! Which I only read for terrible soccer coverage.

2. Luck is amazing. It’s the stat of rogues and crit-happy folk everywhere. You know who has a huge Luck stat? Han Solo. You’ve basically posted an article ripping on Han Solo. I can see you, Greedo.

3. Vastly overvalued physical stats. Physical stats are boring, and I almost always play melee characters in RPG’s. Hitting stuff is easy. Hitting stuff and duping the nobles into giving you their family legacy is the real ticket.