Batter Up! Watch This Kids-Vs-Zombies Game In Action

Hopefully you've already heard about Zombie Playground, the art-turned-kickstarter-turned-game featuring yet another fresh take on the zombie apocalypse that actually feels fresh. Massive Black's game will pit grade-school kids against the shambling dead. » 6/08/12 11:30pm 6/08/12 11:30pm

Zombie Playground Turns Art Into a Video Game Starring Kids, Zombies &…

Back in 2009, Masive Black artist Jason Chan (who draws wonderful pictures and even Kotaku mascots) gave the world an adorable piece of art that, while not directly inspired by Left 4 Dead, certainly captured people's attention at the time. Mostly because it looked like a Fisher Price version of Valve's shooter. » 5/23/12 12:30am 5/23/12 12:30am