Kotaku 'Shop Contest: The 2014 Year-End All-Star Extravaganza: Winners!

Three-hundred and sixty-five days of Photoshopped pain, all at once, all for you. Tasked with combining up to five (or more) of 2014's most popular 'Shop Contest subjects into one majestic gestalt, the final image manipulation battle of last year yielded spectacular results. » 1/04/15 9:00am 1/04/15 9:00am

Kotaku 'Shop Contest: The 2014 Year-End All-Star Extravaganza

It's that time of year again, when we pick a selection of our most popular 'Shop Contest subjects of the year and has our creative readers mash them up into a fine paste, all in the name of memories. What can we make with these five things? » 12/28/14 6:00pm 12/28/14 6:00pm

Kmart Rings In The New Year With Gaming Deals

Kmart has discounted games like Goldeneye, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and Epic Mickey as part of a sale lasting from now until the end of the year. For those of you not counting, that's five days from now. » 12/27/10 5:20pm 12/27/10 5:20pm