Yakuza 2 Will Feature The Japanese Language

Phew! Sure seems like Sega listens to fans. After the first Yakuza game was released with an English language dub, erasing the brilliant original Japanese one, people complained. Why not, you know, release the game with subtitles? It is called Yakuza and English dubbing, no matter how good, kills the mood! Well, that… » 6/18/08 1:00am 6/18/08 1:00am

Yakuza 2 Takes Another Baby Step Towards American Release

While the Japanese continue to enjoy Yakuza 3, Americans are stuck with Yakuza 1. Don't even have Yakuza 2. Which came out in December 2006. But, hey, don't be so slum, chum. The ESRB have gone and classified it, which means it'll at least be out sometime. In the future. Which could be in six months, it could be… » 6/03/08 12:30am 6/03/08 12:30am