Let's Remember How Ridiculous The Xenogears Demo Was

Next week, we'll finally be able to get our hands on the much-anticipated demo for Final Fantasy XV, which is basically the Half-Life 3 of JRPGs. This continues a long tradition of publisher Square Enix releasing demos for their big RPGs alongside other games... like the demo for Xenogears, which launched with the… » 3/13/15 2:32pm 3/13/15 2:32pm

Gears, Gods, And Giant Robots: A Look Back At One Of The Best RPGs Ever

The other day on Twitter, fellow Kotaku writer Kate Cox mentioned she had just finished Xenogears, Square's classic PlayStation role-playing game. Since Xenogears is one of my favorite games, a classic up there with the best RPGs ever, I bugged her roughly 19283493849284924 times to come chat about her experiences… » 5/25/12 3:00pm 5/25/12 3:00pm

How One Man Stopped Square-Enix From Letting Gamers Kill Yahweh

The attempt to include overt references to Judeo-Christian figures in the classic role-playing game Xenogears caused a few translators to quit — they feared a violent backlash — and prompted a change in the name of the game's final boss, according to one of the people who brought the game to America. » 4/22/11 7:20pm 4/22/11 7:20pm

Square Enix Classics Start Hitting Japanese PSN

If you need to get your "man, the Japanese PSN is so much better" rants out of your system first, do it, then get back to us. All better? Right, on we go! Square-Enix has committed to re-releasing many of their classic titles over the PlayStation Network, starting today, with two Square games (Xenogears and Einhander)… » 6/24/08 11:40pm 6/24/08 11:40pm