Let's Remember How Ridiculous The Xenogears Demo Was

Next week, we'll finally be able to get our hands on the much-anticipated demo for Final Fantasy XV, which is basically the Half-Life 3 of JRPGs. This continues a long tradition of publisher Square Enix releasing demos for their big RPGs alongside other games... like the demo for Xenogears, which launched with the… »3/13/15 2:32pm3/13/15 2:32pm

Gears, Gods, And Giant Robots: A Look Back At One Of The Best RPGs Ever

The other day on Twitter, fellow Kotaku writer Kate Cox mentioned she had just finished Xenogears, Square's classic PlayStation role-playing game. Since Xenogears is one of my favorite games, a classic up there with the best RPGs ever, I bugged her roughly 19283493849284924 times to come chat about her experiences… »5/25/12 3:00pm5/25/12 3:00pm