An Indie Answer To Angry Birds On The Xbox 360

There is currently no way to play Angry Birds on the Xbox 360. Indie developer FrozenSoft fills the gap as best it can with FishCraft, the epic battle between forces aquatic and feline. It's not all unoriginal! » 2/25/11 5:20pm 2/25/11 5:20pm

The Bloodiest Football Game You'll Play Today

While it's not the most accurate representation of American football, Milkstone Studios' Zombie Football Carnage still has all the right moves - just a little bloodier. » 2/18/11 5:20pm 2/18/11 5:20pm

Breaking Contraceptives Has Never Been So Entertaining

This week on Xbox Live Indie Clips we're taking a look at Spermatozoon, a game that's all about inferior products and making horrible, horrible mistakes. » 2/11/11 5:20pm 2/11/11 5:20pm

This Excellent Twin-Stick Shooter Is The Last Of A Dying Breed

Luke Schneider of Radiangames has created six excellent Xbox Live Indie games. Today he released the seventh, Ballistic, and it could be the best of the bunch. It's also the last. » 1/28/11 5:20pm 1/28/11 5:20pm

1,000 Spikes Is More Than Enough To Kill You

Rarely has playing through a game for Kotaku's Xbox Live Indie Clips hurt quite as badly as playing through Aban Hawkins & the 1,000 Spikes hurt me. » 1/21/11 12:40pm 1/21/11 12:40pm

Xbox Live Indie Clips: The Charge Is Only Briefly Sexy

Some Xbox Live Indie games try to confuse you with pictures of beautiful women in tight clothing, masking a mediocre gameplay experience with sex. Say hello to The Charge by Zebra Games. » 1/17/11 5:00pm 1/17/11 5:00pm

Xbox Live Indie Clips: Aphelion 2 Flies On The Wings Of Omega

In this week's Xbox Live Indie clip we take a look at Aphelion 2, the second chapter in Lunatic Studios' epic turn-based role-playing game. How does it compare to the first? » 12/23/10 5:00pm 12/23/10 5:00pm

Xbox Live Indie Clips: Space Police On Super Highway 9

In this week's installment of Xbox Live Indie Clips, I take to the space road with Haiku Interactive's Space Police on Super Highway 9. Are space police better than regular police? » 12/03/10 10:30pm 12/03/10 10:30pm

Xbox Live Indie Clips: Get Your Girlfriend Into Games

Will the Xbox Live Indie game Get Your Girlfriend Into Games actually get your girlfriend to start playing video games? the answer may surprise you! Okay, no. » 11/12/10 5:20pm 11/12/10 5:20pm

Xbox Live Indie Clips: Radiangames Fluid

Developer Radiangames returns to Xbox Live Indie Clips with Fluid, a game that melds the gameplay of Pac-Man with the urgency of a timer and the terror that is hordes of jellyfish. » 11/05/10 5:20pm 11/05/10 5:20pm

Xbox Live Indie Clips: Radiangames Inferno

In this week's installment of Xbox Live Indie Clips we take a look at Radiangames Inferno. The developer calls it a "twin-stick action RPG." What the hell is that? » 9/25/10 2:30am 9/25/10 2:30am

Xbox Live Indie Clips: Prismatic Solid

In this week's installment of Xbox Live Indie Clips, we take a look at Prismatic Solid, a colorful and stylish shooter that earned Japan's Yoichi Hayashi $10,000 in Microsoft's 2010 Dream.Build.Play contest. » 9/15/10 2:00pm 9/15/10 2:00pm

Xbox Live Indie Clips: Gravitron360

Today on Kotaku's Xbox Indie Clips, we've randomly selected Gravitron360 by Ron Bunce, a gravity-based vector graphic shooter amidst a sea of vector graphic shooters. » 8/26/10 5:30pm 8/26/10 5:30pm