Science Says Don't Play Super Mario Galaxy Before Trying to Shoot Someone in the Face

The zombie is five steps away, you're cornered, and you've got one last bullet in the chamber. If you were just playing Super Mario Galaxy you might as well turn the gun on yourself. A recent highly scientific study found that when it comes to putting a bullet in a humanoid target's brain, Super Mario Galaxy doesn't… »5/01/12 9:30am5/01/12 9:30am


Nintendo DS Software Sales Up, Nintendo Wii Software Sales Up (Up, Up, Up!)

Nintendo also announced its software sales data in its Q1 FY3/09 statement. In Q1, Nintendo DS software sales were 36.59 million, up 2.33 million units from Q1 last year. Standout titles for the DS include the international release of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness/Explorers of Time »7/30/08 5:00am7/30/08 5:00am. Wii software sales…