50 Cent: Blood on the Sand is Dead, Dead, Dead [Update]

Remember 50 Cent II, the sequel to discography-cum-video game 50-Cent: Bulletproof? The game that Sierra named 50-Cent: Blood on the Sand »9/19/08 10:00am9/19/08 10:00am? The one that has a love-interest, slick graphics and tons of blood? Yeah, it's dead. Caught in the unflinching cogs of big video game business, mergers, and close downs, we hear.…

Activision Adds Sierra's Spyro, Crash To Line Up; Ghostbusters, Brütal Legend Dropped?

Activision announced today that it would be taking a handful of titles formerly published by (and planned to be published by) Sierra and add them to its own product portfolio. Games in the Crash Bandicoot, Ice Age and Spyro the Dragon series will join the Activision family of published titles, with Prototype and an… »7/28/08 10:40pm7/28/08 10:40pm