Viva Instiñct? Killer Piñata? KI Vision Cards For Viva Piñata

Those poor, poor Piñata. Some paper ass is going to be kicked... As far as incompatible franchise mashups go, Viva Piñata Vs Killer Instinct » 10/16/08 6:20pm 10/16/08 6:20pm must be eligible for some kind of award. Only could compete, really. Nevertheless, that is what Rare are offering via the medium of Piñata Vision cards. By downloading and…

Viva Piñata: Trouble In Paradise Review: Maximum Candiosity

Rare's Viva Piñata » 9/18/08 6:40pm 9/18/08 6:40pm, a series now four games deep thanks to two spin-offs, has always seemed like an odd fit for the Xbox 360 crowd. A property that seems squarely targeted at kids, "kidults" and Rare die-hards — oh, and the subject of merchandising opportunities — seems to have a "love it or hate it" appeal, as the…

Rare - No Viva Piñata DLC, Maybe New Banjo Kazooie?

Viva Piñata fans hoping to get an extra dose of paper animal wrangling after VP: Trouble In Paradise will be disappointed, according to a recent web chat with the developers. "We don't have any plans for DLC. As far as the team is concerned we are taking a break from VP for a while to make something new. But things… » 8/29/08 4:30pm 8/29/08 4:30pm

Half Of Rare Hard At Work On Secret Googly Eyed Projects

Hang tough, Rare fans. If Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise » 8/05/08 10:00pm 8/05/08 10:00pm and aren't quite scratching your Rare itch, the developer has more in store. Nick Burton, a senior software engineer at Rare, tells Videogamer that the developer's officially announced titles are being tackled by "about half" of the current staff, hinting…

Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise Date And Details

Oh, so here's a release date for the Xbox 360 Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise! September 5th is when the follow-up in the candy-filled franchise hits — and it strikes me, you know, what an odd idea! Who'd have ever thought that reviving fandom for piñatas, that semi-relic toy we used to bash as candy-crazed… » 7/03/08 6:20pm 7/03/08 6:20pm

Microsoft Thinks DS Is "Very Viable Platform"

Microsoft does not have a handheld device, which, you know, probably is a good thing! Why? It can put games on the Nintendo DS and get its brands out to people who may not or may never own an Xbox 360. Take Viva Piñata, which is getting DS title Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise. Microsoft-owned developer Rare has been… » 6/11/08 5:00am 6/11/08 5:00am