'Ghost Whisperer' Tackles Video Games Tonight, Expect Hilarity

Tonight's episode of Ghost Whisperer »10/17/08 8:00pm10/17/08 8:00pm, the Jennifer Love Hewitt vehicle about the personal problems of the undead, delves into dangerous territory: the warped TV version of video games. Episode three of the show's fourth season is titled "Ghost in the Machine," because there's a ghost . Hewitt, as protagonist Melinda,…

IBM and the Palace Museum Launch the 'Virtual Forbidden City'

In a move that seems designed to provide Chinese historians with even more ways to torture their poor students (I know at least one thing I'm forcing my »10/11/08 3:00pm10/11/08 3:00pm sections to do next quarter), IBM and the Palace Museum have teamed up to offer a virtual, immersive, and interactive version of the Forbidden Palace of Beijing. In…

From the Margins to the Mainland: the Future of Virtual Worlds?

Those concerned with 'virtual worlds' - as opposed to 'games' - spend a lot of time contemplating the role of virtual worlds in a wider market; over at Terra Nova, Bruce Damer looks at the potential future of virtual worlds, which could be a lot bigger than most people imagine. Some potential answers to keep the… »7/05/08 12:00pm7/05/08 12:00pm