A PS4 Game's Quest To Create A Realistic Woman

Hellblade, Ninja Theory’s upcoming action game that explores mental illness, wants a protagonist that looks as believable as possible. This means two things, as far as the developers are concerned: nailing the protagonist’s expressions so they look human, and giving the character a body with realistic proportions. »11/06/15 1:30pm11/06/15 1:30pm


The Poster for the First GTA Doesn't Look Like Grand Theft Auto

Nowadays, we're all used to the house style of the marketing art for Rockstar Games' blockbuster open-world games: paneled mosaics with character likenesses and heavy black orders, with the game series' name spelled out in the Price Is Right font. But GTA promo images didn't always look like that. They used to be a… »6/14/13 4:00am6/14/13 4:00am

American Icons Gallery Show Recognizes Classic Gaming Consoles For the Works of Art They Are

We live in an age of gaming gorgeousness. Gamers' lives nowadays are filled with fancy normal mapping and illumination engines, powered by slickly encased hardware that outputs onto super-sharp screens. In short, there's a lot of thought given to aesthetics in the present day. But, it hasn't always been this way and… »11/15/11 10:00am11/15/11 10:00am

Put Some Tomb Raider Art on Your Chest for a Good Cause

Over the last few months, Crystal Dynamics has been commissioning artworks in celebration of the 15th anniversary of Tomb Raider, with artists from the video game and fine art worlds delivering visions that riff on Lara Croft's new design. These drawings have only been available in an online gallery but fans will now… »11/07/11 2:40pm11/07/11 2:40pm

Recognize These Video Game Faces? Here’s the Guy Who Drew Them

Darwin Yamamoto's not that different than other gamers. He spends a lot of time looking at the faces—or, more accurately, the backs—of the medium's heroes and heroines as they open up new worlds on his TV screen. But Yamamoto's also an artist and user experience designer who's done work on the look of Valve's Steam… »11/07/11 1:40pm11/07/11 1:40pm